Statistics of rollback segments

Script for SQL*Plus:

column "Rollback Segment"       format a16
column "Size (Kb)"              format 9,999,999
column "Gets"                   format 999,999,990
column "Waits"                  format 9,999,990
column "% Waits"                format 90.00
column "# Shrinks"              format 999,990
column "# Extends"              format 999,990

Prompt ROLLBACK Segment Statistics...

SELECT rn.Name "Rollback Segment", rs.RSSize/1024 "Size (KB)", rs.Gets "Gets",
rs.waits "Waits", (rs.Waits/rs.Gets)*100 "% Waits",
rs.Shrinks "# Shrinks", rs.EXTENDS "# Extends"
FROM   sys.v_$RollName rn, sys.v_$RollStat rs
WHERE  rn.usn = rs.usn

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