Statistics of reads / writes per datafile

select   NAME,
  PHYRDS "Physical Reads",
  round((PHYRDS / PD.PHYS_READS)*100,2) "Read %",
  PHYWRTS "Physical Writes",
  round(PHYWRTS * 100 / PD.PHYS_WRTS,2) "Write %",
  fs.PHYBLKRD+FS.PHYBLKWRT "Total Block I/O's"
from (
  select   sum(PHYRDS) PHYS_READS,
  from    v$filestat
  ) pd,
  v$datafile df,
  v$filestat fs
where   df.FILE# = fs.FILE#
order   by fs.PHYBLKRD+fs.PHYBLKWRT desc


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