About this site

Hi people.

I work with Oracle for 15 years. From version 7 up to 12. During those years I collected many useful scripts and queries and I decided to share them because what else to do with them?

Every version of Oracle has some specifics therefore I will always show version on which you can use it. Why I show also hints for “ancient” Oracle 9? You would be surprised – many companies still run this version. For many reasons. Therefore there are still people around who could appreciate these hints. So enjoy it.

Of course many of those scripts and queries were created by other people and I found them on internet and more or less changed them. I usually looked for them in stress and therefore I did not saved links etc. Please forgive me and if you find something of your origin please comment such a post and I will add propper link to your site.

Josef Machytka, Berlin


PS: If you would appreciate information on this site and would feel like giving some donation as your thank – please make donation to some local charity project or UNICEF or support some child in poor countries by “remote adoption” etc. Something like this would be most welcome.